Seal Engraved Signet Rings - Introduction

Seal Engraved Signet Rings

High quality seal engraved signet rings.

An eighteen carat gold signet ring expertly engraved with the coat of arms of Macfarlane of that Ilk (in the negative).

Underneath the signet ring is the resultant wax impression
(in the positive).

I use only the best die-stampings to make my signet rings. Die-stamping is the process whereby the gold is stamped under hydraulic pressure thus ensuring that it is fully compacted in order to achieve the best result for engraving.

Signet rings can be made by hand but this is an inferior method because comparable pressure cannot be exerted. Gold is highly porous and hand casting can leave small pin holes in the ring and worse still, on the surface of the ring. Such rings are therefore much less suitable for engraving and the result can be extremely disappointing.

The majority of jewellers, who lack the facilities to size, finish and polish die-stampings themselves, use hand cast signet rings. I keep a comprehensive range of eighteen and nine carat gold signet rings and cufflinks in stock. I can also supply signet rings in twenty two carat gold. As well as yellow gold most rings can be made in white or red gold or silver.

In addition to gold signet rings I am also able to supply signet rings set with a semi- precious stone such as bloodstone {dark green with red flecks}, carnelian {dark red}, onyx {black} or lapis lazuli {blue}. I offer a first class engraving service.

Signet rings are generally seal engraved whereby a family crest or coat of arms is engraved on the surface of the ring in the negative - the wax impression comes out in the positive. They can also be surface engraved in the positive with initials and dates engraved under the head. Surface engraving is ideal for cufflinks.

I shall be pleased to quote for engraved, or unengraved, eighteen or nine carat gold cufflinks. I shall be glad to advise on re- engraving old or worn signet rings.

Please telephone or email for a detailed full colour brochure and price list